Painful Pot Holes Under Repair


This pot hole in the student parking lot is being paved over.

 A construction company is fixing multiple potholes along the road that leads into the student parking lot.

The construction on Campbell-Shuford Road behind Taco Bell and the Car Wash to Rosewood Drive will continue through Friday.

There will also be construction from the SHS student entrance to the stadium entrance. They are milling and repaving the road to repair the potholes created by construction during the stadium renovation last summer.

Because of the road work, the student entrance has been inaccessible for the entire week.  

Despite the inconvenience, students are happy the potholes are being fixed.

Senior Seamus Steves said the pot holes had done a lot of damage to his car.

“They’re definitely harmful,” he said. “[They punctured a hole in] one of my tires, and the others are on their way.” 

This pot hole is on Rosewood Drive, which leads to the student parking lot, is being repaired this week.

Junior Olivia Pittitt agreed that the potholes are dangerous.

“It’s turned into one big pothole,” she said “The potholes definitely make it unsafe to drive on the road.”

Mr. Rich said the construction was supposed to be completed over spring break, but the construction company, S&W Paving Company, had another project.

It is not ideal for traffic, but we will all enjoy the newly paved road without potholes very soon,” he said.