The Native Voice

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Purpose and Policy

The Native Voice is a news site published by Socastee High School student staff members. Its purpose is to:

  1. Be a public forum for student expression, a source of information, and a voice for students and staff of the Socastee community.
  2. Foster deeper discussion of important issues/events as well as to entertain readers.
  3. Supply the community with truthful, credible information.
  4. Strive to remain impartial in covering news stories and to report the news in a respective way from the most interesting angle possible.
  5. Report the news from all sides, and to include multiple sources to tell the full story
  6. Provide the public with the truth about certain issues and topics that might otherwise be unclear or unheard of.
  7. Serve as an active teaching tool for Native Voice staff members in the study of journalism and communications.


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Purpose and Policy