Students to Compete in Class Pageants

The Miss Socastee pageant was not held in January this year because of the pandemic. Instead, individual class pageants will be held this spring.

A Touch of Class will crown a Miss Freshman, Miss Sophomore, Miss Junior and Miss Senior.

It is a pageant that helps students celebrate their confidence,” said Special Education Teacher Mr. Zachary Cruse, who is helping organize the event. “It promotes putting yourself out there and letting your voice be heard.”

Contestants will be judged on a group opening number, on-stage interview, talent, and an evening gown.

Usually, Miss Socastee is crowned in January and goes on to compete in the Miss South Carolina Teen pageant. However, that pageant was postponed until summer. To allow the 2020 Miss Socastee, Merritt Welch to keep her crown and participate at the state level, she will keep her crown until January 2022 and the regular pageant will resume then.

In the meantime, Mr. Cruse said this year’s pageant will be more lowkey.

“This is an opportunity for students to compete in a high school level pageant without the stress of advancing to a state level pageant,” he said.  “This pageant will focus on how each contestant represents their class.”