Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween right around the corner, everybody is excited. But it’s going to be a little different with COVID-19 in town.

The CDC recommends the following safety precautions for Halloween:

-For trick-or-treaters, wear a mask. You can make a cloth mask part of your costume, but

 a costume mask is not a substitute for a cloth mask. It is not recommended to wear a

 costume mask over a cloth mask because it can make breathing more difficult.

-For those who give out candy, avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters (set up a station

 with individually bagged treats for kids to take). Give out treats outdoors, if possible.

And, importantly, wash hands before handling treats.

Socastee teachers who have young children said they are trying to make the holiday as normal as possible. 

Teachers Mr. and Mrs. Chilson, who have three children, said their older son is not going trick or treating because he doesn’t want to, so he’s passing out candy. However, their two younger sons are getting dressed up.

“It is a fun part of the year,” he said. “I wouldn’t want them to miss out.”

English Teacher Mrs. Tiffany Lange, who has four children, also thinks her kids should not miss out on such a fun holiday. They are going to wear cloth masks with their costumes.

“My kids are going as Star Wars Jedi’s so they could have light sabers,” she said. 

The kids also will trick or treat riding in a golf cart rather than walking to collect candy from the end of neighborhood driveways. She’s going to leave a bucket of candy at the end of her driveway so kids don’t have to come up to her house.