Junior Cadet Accepted into Flight Academy


JROTC Cadet John Paul Hensley on a Civil Air Patrol flight in March. He was accepted into a flight academy for the summer.

Junior AFJROTC Cadet John Paul Hensley will attend the JROTC Air Force Flight Academy at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore this summer. 

 “I am excited to go to the flight academy because it will better prepare me to become a pilot,” John Paul said.

The AFJROTC program allows cadets an opportunity to learn how to fly, giving them actual flight time and giving them a pilot’s license at the end. The flight academy yearly accepts 200 participants and 100 alternates in case of people dropping out or not being able to attend. 

 Some of the requirements to get into the program are students must be 17, then pass a math and instrument comprehension test administered by a JROTC instructor. The student must be in the 50th percentile or higher on the physical training assessment. Candidates also need at least a 3.0 GPA.

This program is 8 weeks over the summer.  

Some of the more in-depth curriculum is learning controls for the system and how to fly, and how to fly in different weather.

John Paul plans to one day join the Civil Air Patrol, which is part of the Air Force.