Ms. Stone Takes Upbeat Attitude Into Retirement


Leea Port

Ms. Peggy Stone is retiring after teaching math at Socastee for 27 years.

After a 37-year teaching career, Ms. Peggy Stone still has only positive things to say about students and staff. 

She said she truly loves interacting with the students at Socastee, where she has taught for 27 years, and says that teaching has kept her young. 

“Students are a lot of fun,” she said. “They make me laugh every day, and you just have to embrace that.”

Her colleagues also have brought her joy.

“I have worked with such amazing teachers at Socastee for the last 27 years,” she said. “Every year, I learn new stuff.”

Ms. Stone transfers her positive attitude to her students, engaging them with her sense of humor and a fun classroom environment. 

Algebra 2 student sophomore Emma Cartner said Ms. Stone uses actions and dances as a learning technique.

“They can be the corniest dances out there, but they actually do help,” Emma said. “One time she made a reference to the Dancing Man emoji because his arms are pointed in the direction of a positive-odd-graph, and that was funny enough to remember for the test.” 

However, fun is balanced with a sense of responsibility in Ms. Jones’ class, Emma said, and students face consequences if not on time or on task.

She is willing to work with students who ask for help.

“I definitely feel like she’s a teacher that I could go to something about,” Emma said. “She doesn’t shut people out, and she’s always open to talk to people if they need it.”

Ms. Stone is excited about the next phase in her life, despite not having any specific plans.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once I retire, but I’m really looking forward to it,” she said.

She encourages her students to be open to new things, too.

“Wherever you are, don’t be afraid if your path changes,” she said. “You’ve got to listen to your inner spirit.”