Varsity Girls Basketball Gives Its All on the Court


The Varsity Girls Basketball season had ups and downs.

Overall, the team was 3-5 in league play and 8-8 including tournament and non-region games.

Coach Mrs. Kelly Lewis said the best moment of the season was winning at Carolina Forest.

“We won a close 1-point game in the last seconds against one of our rivals,” she said. “It was a thrilling win for us!”

COVID did have an effect on the team, in that a number of games and practices were cancelled or rescheduled.

“We had to be willing to always be flexible and make adjustments to our plans and keep a positive attitude,” Mrs. Lewis said.

She said it was especially hard coming back after winter break having not played for a month. The team went into a bit of a slump.

“We were struggling offensively to score and we really had to push through and keep a positive attitude and stay committed to the process,” she said, “and we eventually came out of a slump and started playing well offensively.”

She said the team’s strength this season came from the number of seniors it had, who provided leadership and from the girls’ commitment.

“We might not always play well,” she said, “but the girls always played hard and played together and left it all on the floor every game.”