Teams Quarantined Due to COVID


Football had a somewhat normal and successful season, although it was interrupted at the end of October when the entire Varsity and JV football teams, along with JV cheerleading, had to be quarantined.

The team missed two games — one against Waccamaw October 22nd and the other against Aynor Oct. 29th — due to a junior varsity player testing positive. Two games were later added at the end of the season to make up for the cancelled ones. All in all, the JV boys ended up 3-2. The Varsity team ended up 4-2.

“The season went good for the short time we had it,” JV Football Player Antonio Villafane said.

Coach and Social Studies Teacher Mr. Sam Hanks said it was very inconvenient quarantining, but he had no symptoms while doing so. 

He says he took precautions when he was coaching. 

“I always wore my mask whenever I went out,” he said. “I sprayed down all equipment everyday, as well as the locker room daily.”

While under quarantine, he did not go out to public places, washed his hands regularly, took his temperature daily, and took a vitamin C, D, and Zinc supplement.

After the quarantine, each player had to have their temperature taken and fill out a form about their health before each practice and game.

Hanks said he was happy football continued after the quarantine because it provided a sense of normalcy and hope.

“Football is the closest thing to normal for the year 2020,” he said. “I have to wear a mask the whole time, but it gives a hope that we will someday be back to normalcy.”

JV Cheerleading Freshman Main Base Kristen Fattizzi said being quarantined was hard.

“We were stuck inside all day,” she said. “We also couldn’t practice and get better.”

Kristen tried to make the best of it by learning new skills on her own.

“I got to learn a back handspring,” she said.

The team also managed to have a lot of fun moments in the season, such as when the team cheered in the rain against Carolina Forest.

“One of the best moments of the season would have to be the game that we were playing against Carolina Forest,” Kristen said. “That is because it was raining and we were having a great time. We also won, which is a plus.”

Freshman Emersen Taylor, who is a side base, agrees that the rain game was fun. Overall, throughout the season “we still had fun and the games were a lot of fun to cheer at,” she said.