Former English Teacher New Instructional Coach


Instructional Coach Mrs. Wilkes in her office on the second floor.

Everybody knows what a football or baseball coach does, but hardly anyone knows what an instructional coach does — or that we even have one here at Socastee.

Well, we do. And the person in that job is Mrs. Patricia Wilkes. She is new to the position, replacing Mrs. Helen Edwards who retired. 

In her job, Mrs. Wilkes helps teachers by giving them professional development opportunities and advice on anything else they need in the classroom. 

“There’s no typical day for an instructional coach,”  she said. “It could be anything from [helping] if USA Test Prep is not working to [lending a hand] if teachers are having trouble.”

She came to Socastee after having been an English Teacher at North Myrtle Beach.

“My primary role was moved from being a teacher in the classroom to helping teachers,” she said.  

She said part of her misses being in the classroom.

“I miss my students, I really do miss that interaction in the classroom,” she said, “basically having that interaction and developing those bonds and relationships with students.”

However, she enjoys being able to be involved in more parts of the school. “You know, if you’re a teacher, you’re kind of stuck in your room, and so you don’t get out to see as many other teachers. So now I get to see the other areas too.”

She also feels like she’s having a wider impact with her new job. 

 “I feel like, through the teachers, I can reach more students.”

Although she enjoyed North Myrtle Beach High, she is excited about her new work home. 

“I’m just excited to be part of Socastee and be a Brave,” she said. “I think it’s a wonderful community that you guys have here.”