OPINION: Airpods Should Be Allowed in Classrooms

OPINION: Airpods Should Be Allowed in Classrooms

The current ban on Airpods at Socastee High School has caused a stir among students who are fighting for their school freedoms. This controversial rule began at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, as a new way to get students back into “pre-COVID-19” habits. However, this has been a rough adjustment to much of the school. Rather than helping, these new rules are disturbing students’ learning patterns in school.

While working independently, many students enjoy listening to music, as it helps them focus more during class. Freshman Lexy Strouse said she and other students are more productive when they have the option to listen to music while writing or studying during class. “If the students decide to put their AirPods in and listen to music, sometimes it helps them concentrate,” she said. If teachers and staff really want to get their students to revert back to focusing during class, this needs more light shed on it, as it would only benefit them.

Similarly, if the students were able to use their personal AirPods, the class would ultimately be quieter. It would decrease the side chit-chat in classrooms that tends to drive teachers crazy. Along with being more focused, a silent class is the prime learning environment for many people, including students. 

Along with this silent classroom, memory and studying levels can be increased with headphones. According to the Learning Headphones, a company that sells headphones to help students block out distractions in classes and stay focused, headphones can be helpful in various ways. They can block out noise, but they can also add sound that helps students: “If they listen to a song they heard whilst studying, it could trigger a piece of information to come to the service that they subconsciously absorbed.” This is proof that music can help with memory retention in the classroom, resulting in higher test performance.

On the contrary, teachers and administrators believe this ban on AirPods will improve overall grades and drive in the classroom. However, Florida National University cites a study that shows that students should be allowed to use headphones: “Music is an effective stress reducer in both healthy individuals and people with health problems. Research finds that listening to soothing music can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels.” Anxiety is a severe wall some students cannot crash down, especially in the classroom. Having this freedom will ultimately allow them to relax a little bit. 

This disturbance of freedom in the classroom has overall affected students more negatively than positively. Socastee High School must lift the strict rule regarding AirPods in the classroom. If we want what’s best for the students, why aren’t we listening to them – and letting them listen?