JROTC Has New Multilingual Class


JROTC this year started a new class specifically for multilingual students.

The class, which has 29 students, is made up of students who are various level English speakers.

The multilingual speaking class has the same curriculum as other JROTC classes. However, it has Element Leaders who help less experienced English speakers with translating, which makes it easier for them to learn and for the chief master sergeant and colonel to teach them. 

 “We made a multilingual class all in one block to make it easier for Cadets as we try to teach and also translate, and to have all the cadets in one centralized location,” Chief Master Sergeant Kevin Chronister said.

Former Flight Leader Evelyn Lara said she is excited to be a part of the class and help others.

“I personally got to choose to do this class because my instructors know I have a Hispanic background and that I know Spanish,” she said.

She said having a more diversified class adds to the learning experience.

“Everyone is their own person,” she said, “and they all are different, so it makes connecting with everyone different and meaningful in it’s own way.”

Asst. Flight Leader Sotera Maldonado, who is a stronger English speaker, said the class helps her improve her Spanish.

“It gives me a chance to talk to people how I grew up talking to my friends and family,” she said, “and it helps to remind me of what my family was like where I’m from.”