Latest Splatoon Release Best One Yet


On September 9, Nintendo released its most recent IP to the public, Splatoon 3. The Nintendo Switch game has seen overwhelmingly positive reviews in the first three weeks it’s been on the market, and for good reason.

The thing a lot of players look forward to when starting a new game is the story or “campaign” mode. The Splatoon series was created by Hisashi Nogami. All of the stories set on post-apocalyptic Earth have been filled with memorable characters based on squids and octopuses, jaw-dropping plot twists, and heartwarming endings. And the story is no different in Splatoon 3, with new mechanics, locations, and characters.

A lot of returning Splatoon players may find the online battles more enjoyable. Luckily, Splatoon has always been known for its great online game modes. In Splatoon 3, new players can jump into “casual battles”, a non-competitive battle with enough action to keep even the most action-seeking players entertained. For returning players, there are ranked modes. Ranked battles consist of four different game modes, all unique. Almost anyone can pick up a controller and learn the game with ease.

Even longtime Splatoon players are learning new tricks in Splatoon 3. Nintendo has added new features, tricks, and combat features to the game. Returning players can now skip the newscast when the game first boots up, an annoyance that has not been resolved in the previous two Splatoon games. In addition, new combat classes have been added. Players can hit from long ranges with Stringers, or get right up in the enemy’s face with Splatanas. Movement features such as squid roll and squid surge have been added to keep players on their toes during fierce battles.

Splatoon 3 is a game that any player can learn from the start, and a game Splatoon veterans will love more than the previous two games. Anyone interested in fast-paced combat and intense split-second decision-making should pick up this digital gemstone.