Soar Academy is a school where kids who always get in trouble go to. 

It’s located in Conway, and there’s a bus for every area, like Socastee, Carolina Forest, Myrtle beach, etc.

I got sent to Soar for bullying, fighting, and always disrupting class. There are many reasons for people to get sent to alt, including school threats and drugs.

A typical day in alt is usually normal. There are some extra rules, though, like wearing a uniform. For middle schoolers they have to wear a navy blue shirt and khaki pants. High schoolers have to wear a gray shirt and khaki pants.

And instead of eating lunch in the lunchroom, they eat in the classroom. In alt they also have a tier system that gives kids a reason to get out. Tier levels depend on what a kid did to get sent to soar. For example, I was in Tier Two and had to stay for a minimum of 6 weeks.You gain points everyday by doing work, not getting in trouble, and showing up. 

I did learn some things in alt, like not messing around as much in regular school. I haven’t really changed, but I’m not as disruptive as I once was.