Staff Wins Kickball Tournament


Eric Sauthoff

Students and staff who participated in the 2nd Annual Kickball Game pose for a picture afterward.

The 2nd annual Kickball Challenge was a fun event, with the juniors coming out on top of all the other classes, but then getting defeated by staff 4-3.

“They were really young and really fast, but we were old and intelligent,” event organizer Mr. Eric Sauthoff said in an announcement about the event.

He said the “Class of OLD” celebrated with “an ice bath”.

“We plan on doing this next year and hope to get more staff on the team,” he said.

Participating staff included: Principal Mr. Jeremy Rich, Mr. Zac Cruse, Mr. Chris Bonanny, Ms. Gina Gorcesky, Ms. Cynthia Lehr, Coach Groff, Coach “Skipper” Hudson, , Coach Rachel Gray, Mr. Eric Sauthoff, Mrs. Heather Tucci, Mrs. Melissa Welch, Ms. Shannon Yates, Dr. Molly McKee, and Mr. Chris Adrian.

“Also our biggest supporter Nurse Susan, who kept us entertained in the stands,” Mr. Sautoff said.