Students Raise Money For Tiny Home For Vet


Susan O'Brien

Taven Nichols (12), Megan Lane (11), and Sophia Martin (11) spend time in their rocking chairs at the rock-a-thon

Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy students are trying to raise $15,000 to build a tiny home for a local homeless veteran. 

Students have already fundraised through the rock-a-thon hosted on March 18th where students paid $100 to stay at the school from 10pm to 6am and enjoy rocking chairs, games, food, and give away prizes. With microgrants and participation from the rock-a-thon, students have raised $9,000

“It was really fun,” Junior Addison Martin said. “We had kids who usually hung out with one kind of group hanging out with totally different people.”

The Leader Academy is hoping to raise the rest of the $6,000 to meet their goal through a spirit night hosted at the Surfside Chick-Fil-A. The spirit night is being held on Thursday, April 7th, from 5-8pm. Students can order as normal and say they are with Socastee High School and 50 percent of their total will go to the Leader Academy.

Cole Smith

Students decided to raise money for the Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center after researching various charitable organizations. 

We were very patriotic and we had a lot of passion for veterans,” Junior Megan Lane, a leader in the Leader Academy, said. “We did a little bit of research and saw how much homelessness affects veterans in our country in our area, so we went with that.”

The VWHRC is a local organization that specifically assists honorably discharged veterans with job placement, filing claims with the Veterans Association, financial difficulty, and temporary shelter until permanent housing can be secured. 

The tiny home development VWHRC is building will contain 40 homes on 3rd Avenue in Myrtle Beach. The money Socastee raises will pay for one completely furnished home.