OPINION: Patriots, Packers Best Bets for Super Bowl


A Green Bay versus New England match-up is the prediction for the Super Bowl in February 2022. The Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers along with the rest of the offense play amazing ball, while longtime Patriots’ Coach Bill Belichick seeks and destroys any opposing offensive asset. This may become the most intense Super Bowl to date.

Only a few quarterbacks can reach the Super Bowl in their rookie season, and the New England Patriots look to complete that mission for Mac Jones. Superb offensive plays and outstanding defense set him and his team apart from the rest of the AFC. The Patriots, who have a 10-6 record, can almost be guaranteed another Super Bowl win right now. 

On paper, the Patriots look better than the Packers. They have been able to move the ball around for decades, but Mac Jones does it especially impressively. This rookie tops Rodgers with a 70.31% completion rate. According to the NFL, Patriots players Jakobi Meyers, Kendrick Bourne, and Hunter Henry all average above 10 yards per catch. Bill Belichick has built an incredible offensive unit that can outlast almost any opponent.

The Patriots’ stats give them an amazing chance of easily winning the Super Bowl. However, this could make them too cocky. As we have seen previously this season, that is what caused the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to lose to the Washington Football Team in what should have been an easy win for the Buccaneers. Also, the Detroit Lions are no longer winless because the stronger Minnesota Vikings slipped up on too many plays. 

Like the Patriots, the Green Bay Packers, 13-3, have a lot going for them. Currently the “big dogs” of the NFC, they are carried largely by their quarterback, too. Aaron Rodgers at 38 is geared towards MVP status in Super Bowl LVI. According to the NFL, Aaron Rodgers has a 67.3% completion rate, and an overall 108.8 quarterback rating. A.J. Dillon and Aaron Jones are play-making running backs, and the Packers’ defense look amazing.

Rodgers himself, however, might stand in the way of his own win. Unvaccinated, Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 in Week 9 and had to sit out against the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, Jordan Love could not connect on many passes, which led to a 7-13 loss. Rodgers remaining unvaccinated could prevent him from attending the playoffs, soundly putting the Green Bay Packers out of the Super Bowl. He also has a toe injury. 

All in all, both the Packers and Patriots could enter the battle for the Lombardi trophy, but it will depend on a number of factors.