Asst. Principal Has Sports, Business Background


Susan O'Brien

Dr. Lucas Ingersoll is Socastee’s newest Asst. Principal.

New Asst. Principal Mr. Lucas Ingersoll comes to Socastee with a background in education and business, much of it sports related.

He spent the last eight years at North Myrtle Beach High School, where he was the school’s asst. athletic director. He also taught business classes, and has coached basketball, softball and football.

“Football has always been a huge passion of mine and I really enjoy it,” he said.

Here at Socastee, his responsibilities include everything from organizing textbooks and the buses to handling discipline issues with 10th graders.

“I want to make the place so enjoyable and so exciting that students want to be here everyday,” he said.

His approach to discipline is to try to be understanding and consider students’ circumstances, while also keeping them safe and following the rules. 

“I’m trying to make the world a better place, one referral at a time,” he said.

Mr. Ingersoll said he first got into education “because of teachers in highschool that shaped my life.”

He grew up in New York state and in high school, he was involved in football, basketball, track, band and choir, DARE, and student council.

“I’m a firm believer that if you have the time to do something, you should do something positive,” he said.

  After high school, he went to Mansfield University in Pennsylvania and earned a degree in Business Administration, then earned his Masters degree from the U.S Sports Academy in Alabama.

From there, he went to work for Disney’s Wide World of Sports (now ESPN Wide World of Sports) and also worked in sales for KSA Events, a sports events company that creates a big game experience for high school athletes by giving them the opportunity to compete in world class venues.

He moved to Myrtle Beach in 2009 because his parents lived here, and that’s when he switched careers from sales to education and took the job at North Myrtle High School.

Along the way, he earned his Masters in Educational Leadership at Coastal Carolina University and his doctorate from Capella University.

His proudest accomplishment, though, is his 7-year-old daughter, Isabella, he said. 

“She’s also my greatest pain in the butt,” he said jokingly.

Mr. Ingersoll has even higher goals in education, including perhaps being a principal one day.

“I do like to believe that at some point I would like to have my own building and move even higher,” he said. “So the sky’s the limit and, really, time will tell where I go and what I do.”