Lively Locks: Students Express Themselves Through Hair Color


The author and Tiffany Benton together at a festival sporting their dyed hair.

People around the world have been following various hair trends and have been getting really creative with their hair. 

The trend is popular within our school, too. It is mostly seen as a way for students to express themselves.

“I think it looks cool — pretty, bright colors — it makes a statement,” says Sophomore Grace Ware, who has dyed her hair four times. She currently has two  colors in her hair — purple and pink. She chose those because they are her favorite colors.

Some students are inspired by characters on TV or video games. 

“I really want to dye my hair like Shadow the Hedgehog,” sophomore Blake Srivastava said. His hair has streaks of red in it to mimic the Sega character.

Lots of teens use colors from popular brands such as Manic Panic or Arctic Fox, which are vegan friendly and non-damaging brands that can wash out easily. Mostly avoid box dye because the chemicals are so permanent and so damaging to the hair.

Some just mix random colors together and just hope it comes out right. 

“I usually use Manic Panic or Lunar Tides for my hair,” says Sophomore Tiffany Benton, whose hair is a light pink and shoulder length.

Others also dye their hair to match their favorite clothes or simply because they enjoy the aesthetic.

“I dyed my hair pink because I like things that match my favorite color, which is pink,” Tiffany said. “I have matching pink clothes for my hair as well.”