Viral Vandalism Craze Reaches Socastee


Gage Campbell

A urinal was missing from the wall of boys bathroom September 16.

Ceiling tiles, soap dispensers and even a urinal have gone missing from some student bathrooms in recent weeks as Socastee High School has fallen victim to the “Devious Licks” viral craze sweeping the nation, showing just how far some will go for a few minutes of fame on social media. 

The trend, which started on TikTok, encourages people to document themselves stealing everything from school supplies to bathroom items. It started on September 1, when a TikTok user by the name of jugg4elias posted a video of himself stealing a box of face masks from what is presumed to be his school.

The trend caught on rather quickly and here at Socastee resulted in two second-floor bathrooms being closed off with caution tape.

“It’s an unfortunate situation that resources are being wasted and spent on items that take away from the education and the value of our education in the school system,” Asst. Principal Dr. Lucas Ingersoll said.

A mirror was pulled off the wall of the second floor boys bathroom.

Dr. Ingersoll said he could not confirm any specific vandalism because investigation into it is an ongoing investigation. However, student photos have documented a urinal pulled off the wall of a bathroom, ceiling tiles missing from a bathroom, and soap dispensers being ripped off walls throughout the school. 

The vandalism prompted all kinds of rumors and theories about what happened to the missing items.

“Maybe they just smashed [the toilet] and threw it away,” Freshman Charlotte Roberts said.  

Mr. Ingersoll said students caught vandalizing or stealing from the school will be expelled.. 

Some students say the trend has been really disruptive. 

”It’s annoying to have to walk up a bunch of stairs just to use the bathroom,” Freshman Alex Turner said.