Seniors Win Kickball Tournament


Rain interfered with the school’s first-ever kickball tournament, but it didn’t dampen spirits as the Seniors came away champions.

The event was postponed from Friday to Monday because of thunderstorms and it rained at the end of the tournament, but those involved still had fun, said Social Studies Teacher Mr. Eric Sauthoff, who organized the event.

“Everyone who participated had a blast,” he said. “It started to rain hard during the Staff vs. Senior game and no one even cared.”

About 40 students participated in the event. Seniors defeated the Juniors in a close game, and they also beat a combined Freshman/Sophomore team. All students who wanted to participate defeated Staff  in the final game 7-4.

“They were really young and really fast!” Mr. Sauthoff said.

Senior D.J. Willard said the game was a fun way to spend some time with friends and his coaches before graduation.

“It’s a lot of fun just to be able to see them again and play with them and just have good sportsmanship,” he said. “Everyone out here is really happy just to play with the people they’re close with.”

Mrs. Melissa Welch, who coached the staff time, said the staff was happy to plan one last fun event for the students.

“I’m just really glad and after the year we had, we could really do something to show some spirit,” she said, “for the kids to see the funner side of us. We’re big kids too.”