Prom is back!

Prom will be back this year — but with some caveats due to COVID restrictions still being in place.

“Yes, there will be a prom!” Student Council Advisor Ms. Zeneta Carr said.

The “Spring Gala” will beld April 1 in the school’s gym. It will be for seniors only. The cost is $20 per person rather than $80-$100 a ticket.

A maximum of 250 students will be allowed at one time. As of right now, all students can come at one time, but if too many students buy tickets, they will have to attend in shifts.

A few other big changes are that they will not be able to have a dance floor or buffet. Student Council is still working on planning exact details for the event.

“The student council will do their best to make it an awesome night for seniors,” she said.

Some juniors were upset about the prom being seniors only but they understand due to the circumstances.

Senior Fazli Berisha agrees with having seniors only, he says “If juniors also went, the chances on the virus spreading dramatically increases. At least this year we can bring 1 person with us regardless of the grade which is a good thing.”

Although Junior Tyler Stubs disagrees with it being seniors only. She says, “I think it should be both grades since next year isn’t a promised prom for us either.”

Junior John Henry says, “COVID has taken a lot of fun of out school and I think it’s good the seniors are getting to have a prom”.

Lastly Junior Taylor Campbell says “seniors being able to go to prom only instead of both seniors and juniors is completely understandable. This is their last year and they deserve this, considering last year seniors didn’t get to enjoy these special moments. I just want them to be able to enjoy the last fun moments of high school and hopefully some were able to.”