Teamwork Key to JV Girls Basketball Overcoming COVID Disruptions


The Junior Varsity Girls basketball team had multiple interruptions during its season but managed to end with a winning 5-3 record.

Overall, Coach Mrs. Roni Shoemaker was pleased with how the season went despite having to quarantine twice (once because someone on an opposing team tested positive).

“We had a few bumps in the road, but that was to be expected in a season during a pandemic,” she said. “The girls pushed through and truly supported each other, and at the end we really molded well and worked as a solid team.”

Teamwork is the girls’ biggest strength, she said.

“We play hard and we know our teammates are there to back each other up,” she said. “They know they can trust each other on the court.”

Standout players were Sophomores Alysia Bellamy and Keianna Baker, who were voted team captains. 

“The two of them stepped up and were great leaders on and off the court,” Coach Shoemaker said.

Freshman Whitney Argabrite said she was happy to be able to play basketball at all this year.

“It was hard, but I am glad that we got a season,” she said. “We played really good and tight defense, and that helped us get more turnovers and fast breaks.”

Freshman Kendall Ackerman agreed.

“When we are on defense we are very aggressive and stay on our toes,” she said. “Our season has gone very well for the conditions we were in.”