Boys Varsity Basketball Season Has Trouble Finding Its Groove With COVID Interruptions


The boys varsity team Overall, the team was 1-7 in league play, but 6-11 including tournaments and non-region games.

Coach Hilton said COVID definitely effected on the season.

“We had to shorten practice times and team film sessions,” he said.

The team also had to quarantine for a few weeks at a time twice because a player tested positive.

“ I tried to make sure the guys were always following protocol when with the team,” Coach Hilton said. “The hard part was what they did when on their own.”

The interruptions made it hard for the team to find its groove, he said.

“It did mess with our continuity with trying to find the right groups to mesh on the court, especially with having a lot of new guys on the Varsity team,” he said. “But for the most part the guys had good attitudes and handled the up and down season as best they could.”

A bright spot in the season was Senior Mike Herrin making the All-Region and All-State team.

”I didn’t make all regions last year so it was cool to make it this year,” he said. “Making all states was a big accomplishment because we haven’t had anyone make it in like 5 or 6 years.”