Band Not Performing as Much Due to COVID

The band is still making music during Covid, but it has been a lot harder.

“It has been more difficult to teach band with Covid and the restrictions that the Covid protocols have demanded of us,” Band Director Ms. Cheryl Polenick said.

During band class, students wear specialized masks and have coverings for their instruments. The masks have flaps and a magnet so they can flip them open to play their instrument, then flip it down when not playing. Students who play instruments with a bell are also using a piece of cloth that folds over the bell so that less potentially Covid infected aerosol comes out while playing. 

The hybrid schedule means only half the band is in class at once, but students at home do attend the meeting and follow along sitting at home with their instrument. 

“The band teacher might call on you to play a certain part of the music or a scale,”  freshman trumpet player Cody Sellers said. “It isn’t the greatest system, but it works,” 

Unfortunately, the band has hardly been able to perform publicly. It is not going to any competitions this year. 

“We have spent about the same amount of money on band supplies in school, but not as much on transportation since we are not going out of the building on competitions,” Ms. Polenick said.

The pep band played at only one football game — homecoming. They couldn’t play at one game because it was raining, and the Senior Night game was canceled last minute due to the football team being quarantined. However, the seniors made the best of it and had their own Senior Night by taking pictures at Market Common.

Being Drum Major during this crisis is more challenging than last year,” Drum Major and Senior D.J. Brummett said. “Pulling the band together and making music is harder than previous years.”