Ms. Wilson Makes Switch from Middle to High School

New Social Studies teacher Ms. Jennifer Wilson is returning to Socastee High after interning here 12 years ago. 

“I wanted to teach in the community that I actually live in,” she said. 

Before coming to Socastee, she taught at Aynor Middle School for 11 years. She said high school is very different.

“I’m still getting used to the older kids,” she said.

She is appreciative of help she has received from other teachers.

“The social studies teachers have given me ways to interact with high schoolers that I wouldn’t have known before,” she said.

Ms. Wilson has a passion for working with people. Initially, she pursued a degree in cultural anthropology to study people, but she decided on teaching and ended up loving her career choice.

“I like that every day has been different,” she said. 

After so many years of teaching, Ms. Wilson has developed a signature teaching style. 

“I like to do direct instruction first, then I try really hard to do a little bit of self inquiry and collaborative learning.” she said. “I like to change things up because I get bored really easily, so I don’t want my kids to get bored really easily.”

Junior Jaylin Morales has Ms. Wilson for U.S. History and says she enjoys the class.

“Many of her activities keep us engaged,” she said.

Junior William Hall, who is in the same class, said she has a good sense of humor.

“She’s fun; she jokes a lot, and keeps us laughing,” he said. 

Angel Garcia agrees. 

“Her vibe is great, she keeps our spirits up in class; we play jeopardy and other games like that.” 

In her freetime, Ms. Wilson enjoys reading realistic novels involving other countries.

“The last book I read was about a girl escaping North Korea and the book before that was about a Palestinian who got kicked out of her country whenever Israel was created,” she said, “anything that is modern, contemporary real life, situational.”

Originally from Washington State, Ms. Wilson grew up in Ohio. After graduating, she moved to South Carolina for grad school. In her free time, she enjoys being in the great outdoors, accompanied by her three children. 

“Anytime I get a chance to take a trip anywhere, I go hiking,” she said, “We went to Colorado last year, we go to North Carolina all the time, and we’re going to Pennsylvania and Canada for spring break”

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