Class of ’23 — Out!

May 18, 2023

Class of 23 -- Out!

The class of 2023 is departing Socastee High School on May 23rd. As the year comes to an end, students are able to reflect not just on senior year, but their whole high school experience. 

How have you changed from freshman year to senior year?

“I got a lot more social and I’ve become more open to change in my life.” Zackary Bridenstine

“I’ve become more mature and I respect my teachers more.” James Liggens

“I have matured and grown since freshman year and learned how to walk away from bad situations.” Summer Wicker

“I have matured and I have grown to understand the world.” Owen Montague

I have learned how to stand up for myself and stand strong in who I am.” Jordan Groff

“I have matured a lot and I am much more relaxed.” Cooper King

What has been the most memorable part of senior year?


“At the prom this year, we kind of all got up on the totem pole to try to reach for this balloon that was on the ceiling. I thought that was pretty memorable.” Zackary Bridenstine

“Seeing all of the underclassmen move up and take AP classes. The field trip opportunities were also memorable.” Caroline Szyskowski

“Probably when we started conditioning for soccer and just the fact that the season was about to start and I was excited.” James Liggens

“All of the new friendships that I have made this year with other seniors that I just never was close to before.” Summer Wicker

“The excitement of graduating and making friends.” Owen Montague

“The most memorable part of senior year was going to the football games and being with all of my friends.” Jordan Groff

“Going on the Europe Trip.” Cooper King

Did any teachers or staff stand out to you that made an impact on you?


Ms. Urbaniak, Ms. Troiani and Ms. Doane

“The two that stuck out to me the most were Mr. Jung, my band teacher, and Mr.Church, my Gaming Guild advisor. Mr. Jung opened me up to the entirety of playing with a band, so getting into the more social scenes and aspects of music along with traveling, going out to play shows and competitions. Mr. Church offered me opportunities with Esports. I have now played on Esports teams and I’ve traveled around for the tech fair showing off demos for things like VR and stuff.”  Zackary Bridenstine

“Mrs. Troiani and Ms. Doane got me this far, if I ever had any issues I went to them. They have made this space more comfortable for me.”  Caroline Szyskowski

“Yes, actually Mrs. Barber was great. She was a great English 2 teacher for me. And she made me realize how great she is and how great we are in this school.” James Liggens

“Lady Urb impacted me simply by believing in me. She gave me confidence to not be afraid to work hard for the things I want, which in turn gave me self worth that made me believe in myself as well.” Jordan Groff

What are your plans for next year?

“I’m planning on going to CCU for next year. And I’m going to major in Computer Engineering.” Zackary Bridenstine

“I am going to Francis Marion University. I want to continue doing artwork, I have a couple internships that I am going to be doing.” Caroline Szyskowski

Hopefully getting a scholarship for soccer or if not just going to the Marines.” James Liggens

“My plan is to go to Horry Georgetown Tech and major in radiation technology.” Summer Wicker

“My plans for next year are trade school.” Owen Montague

Next year I will be attending Clemson University with a major in Graphic Communications.” Jordan Groff

I plan to attend Radford University in Virginia for Nursing.” Cooper King

What would you tell your freshman self?


Jorden Groff poses with friends during Spirit Week.

“I would have told myself to try and join the band program pretty early on because it opened me up to a lot . I learned more about music and it made me a lot more social with other people.” Zackary Bridenstine

“I would tell my freshman self that it gets easier. There is light at the end of the tunnel.” Caroline Szyskowski

“I would tell myself that I should’ve started here before because I was in Berlin for two years and I should have just stayed in the same high school.” James Liggens

“I would tell my freshman self to pay attention.” Owen Montague

“I would tell my freshman self to work hard, have fun with friends, and not to stress over the small things because it will all work out in the end.” Jordan Groff

I would tell myself to be as involved as possible and enjoy it.” Cooper King

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