DECA Cookies Sales a Booming Business


Students line up outside Mr. Williams’ room to get cookies before they sell out.

Walking through the second floor Hallway on Friday mornings, the aroma of chocolate chip cookies is in the air.

A DECA Club student comes in around 7:15 and starts baking them in the three Otis Spunkmeyer ovens in Mr. Jason Williams’ social studies classroom. 

The club sells about 300 cookies each week, netting around $100-$125. The cookies cost $2/bag of three cookies, and some teachers have a standing order for 10 or 20 bags.

“They’re sold out before 1st Block ends,” Mr. Williams said.

Money earned goes toward the annual DECA trip, which costs up to $150 in registration fees alone per student.

“This year, we took 28 students, so that’s a lot of registration fees,” Mr. Williams said.

DECA Cookies started before Mr. Williams was the DECA Advisor. 

“This idea has been going on for 20-plus years now,” he said. “Otis Spunkmeyer has been a major sponsor of DECA since it started.”

DECA mainly sells chocolate chip cookies, but it also started selling sugar cookies after some teachers requested those. Occasionally, the group sells other kinds, but boxes of those are more expensive.

“So it’s not cost effective,” Mr. Williams said.

Rachel Lukas, who had Mr. Williams’ class 1st Block last year said she used to get first dibs on the cookies.

I would usually get like five bags,” she said.

But this year, she really hasn’t been able to buy that many. 

“It’s hard for me to get to his class,” she said, “because everyone always tries their best to get there first so they can get one.” 

Cookies are stacked on one of the three cookie ovens in Mr. Williams’ room.